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‘Class act’: A gracious Mitt Romney responds to MSNBC’s mockery of his grandson; Update: Video added

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This morning on “Fox News Sunday,” Mitt Romney addressed MSNBC host Melissa Harris-Perry’s latest apology for hosting a panel mocking his adopted grandson. And as usual, he kept it classy:!/brianstelter/status/419834637540524032

However, he was careful to stress the importance of leaving politicians’ children out of the mud:!/FoxNewsSunday/status/419834025709015041

We hope MSNBC was paying especially close attention to that bit.

For video, head over to The Right Scoop. [Update: Or see below.]!/LilMissRightie/status/419839193150279680!/adopolitics/status/419838555490648064!/writerguy636/status/419839058127253504!/IanGertler/status/419835274651111424!/bccohan/status/419838647090044928


Update: Here is video of Romney’s comments:



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