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Hilarious video: Obama asks, ‘Where’s my plan? … I couldn’t find my plan’!/SpunkyBraun/status/261457799479955456

Oh, yes. Ask and you shall receive.

Once again, the GOP Rapid Response Team comes through, this time with video of President Obama’s “Dude, where’s my plan?” moment at a Tampa Bay rally today.

Dude, where’s your plan?VIDEO: Obama: “Where’s My Plan? … I Couldn’t Find My Plan”

— Ted Newton (@Ted_Newton) October 25, 2012

Light and airy. MT @chris_moody Obama’s booklet slipped off his lectern. “Where’s my plan?… I couldn’t find my plan.”

— Seth (@dcseth) October 25, 2012

Now that’s a substantial plan.

Obama cries at rally, “Where’s my plan?” at rally.Yeah, America has been wondering for four… @twitchyteam

— Karen Braun (@SpunkyBraun) October 25, 2012

Obama claims to have found his second-term plan, but some of us are still waiting.

We can’t either. RT @mattconnelly: –> RT @timodc: Obama: “where’s my plan? I couldn’t find my plan.”

— Ted Kwong (@tedkwong) October 25, 2012

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