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‘Joke of the Day,’ Joe Biden edition [video]!/GreatScott311/status/431764356691689472

He’s a gaffe a minute, but don’t let that fool you. Vice President Joe Biden says he can’t come up with any “obvious reason” he shouldn’t run for president in 2016.!/vplus/status/431760272567861248

Oh dear. Detecting the obvious isn’t really Uncle Joe’s thing, is it?!/lcthomasson/status/431779495474102272!/dorseyshaw/status/431769017049559041

A longer clip from the CNN interview:

JWF can think of a few reasons, including the self-anointed one that starts with “p” and rhymes with “antsuit.”

Any other “obvious reasons”? Help him out, guys.!/CaptYonah/status/431755704957800449!/NYKellen/status/431788231625936896!/chrisvoigt/status/431765722352857088!/kramtrak/status/431763042855313408!/lizzie363/status/431767699052437505!/JuliaMarkD/status/431753327261409280

Biden plans to make his final decision in the summer of 2015. Heh.

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