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Racist much? Zimmerman trial prosecutor notes Martin ‘didn’t even steal’ Skittles!/AnthonyBialy/status/355408196296388608

George Zimmerman is accused of unfairly profiling the late Trayvon Martin before he shot him, but it seems to us that prosecutor Bernie De La Rionda is engaged in some racial profiling of his own:

The money quote:

“Skittles that he didn’t even steal from 7-11!”

What’s Mr. De La Rionda trying to say, exactly?!/mdouty/status/355416135115624448

Is he suggesting that Martin somehow defied a stereotype about African Americans in that he obtained his candy legally?

It sure sounds that way. Viewers were understandably appalled:!/mamaswati/status/355408119435763712!/FilmLadd/status/355408080017690624


What’s next from this clown?!/FilmLadd/status/355408597355732993

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