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‘Skin crawling’: Rand Paul has ‘warm personal relations’ with Harry Reid [video]

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Harry Reid is not a nice person. In fact, he’s a pretty awful person. Which is why it hurts our brains (and our stomachs) so much when something like this happens:!/charliespiering/status/476394833079435264

Wait until you actually hear him say it:


Senator Reid and I actually have very warm personal relations and we’ve been meeting informally for months … I’m a glass-half-full kind of guy, I like Harry Reid personally. I’m working hard with him.

With all due respect, Senator, what’s there to like about Harry Reid?!/cthomastaylor/status/476395151036669953

Cute? Not the exactly the word we were thinking of. More like …!/kelseyosterman/status/476396475895656450

Yeah, that. Or this:!/stuffmymomsez13/status/476395259228725249


Maybe not, but that doesn’t mean the admiration society isn’t a mutual one. Reid retweeted Paul this afternoon:!/SenatorReid/status/476454400672940033

Blech. Make it stop.!/southsalem/status/476399081045381120

Seriously. It’s creepy.!/BrianFaughnan/status/476396871255330818



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