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Miami NBC affiliate’s graphic refers to state GOP as ‘Reprehensive’ Party

, , , , , , ,!/bccohan/status/429323455922581504 During a story about the Florida gubernatorial race, an NBC affiliate in Miami aired a graphic that described the Florida GOP as the “Reprehensive” Party. Lean Forward! RT @lachlan: NBC affiliate calls the Florida GOP the "Reprehensive Party of Florida”— johnny dollar (@johnnydollar01) January 31, 2014!/sistertoldjah/status/429368396472283136 Here’s video of the news segment. […]


‘Boy genius’! Ronan Farrow apparently forgot all about post-Katrina Bush-bashing

, , , , ,!/NoahCRothman/status/497475405272850432 In case you’d forgotten, MSNBC’s Ronan Farrow is a national treasure:!/RonanFarrow/status/497475197239566339 He’s some kinda something, all right!!/hboulware/status/497476188390977536!/cmdeb/status/497475773440077824!/keder/status/497476295476121600 Oh yeah … Katrina.!/lachlan/status/497476621189017601 Maybe Ronan doesn’t remember, but we do:!/AJ_Schneider/status/497475532490301440 We’ll just leave this stuff here:!/ChazBono/status/263713680552759296!/SHannitysHair/status/264111584283082752 Flashback: Obama Blasts Bush For Not Visiting Katrina Aftermath via @WeaselZippers— […]


Rep. Alan Grayson (D-Crazytown): Ted Cruz is trying ‘to hasten the apocalypse’ [video]

, , ,!/CSessee/status/436983783519031296 Oh yes! What on earth would we do without Alan Grayson around to keep us firmly grounded in truth and reality? Check out this recent revelation:!/AlanGrayson/status/436976815375384576 Here’s the money quote again, just for emphasis: “Ted Cruz represents the element of the Republican Party that’s trying to hasten the apocalypse.” He actually said that […]


‘Class act’: A gracious Mitt Romney responds to MSNBC’s mockery of his grandson; Update: Video added

, , , ,!/TopGearUKfan/status/419834502564048896 This morning on “Fox News Sunday,” Mitt Romney addressed MSNBC host Melissa Harris-Perry’s latest apology for hosting a panel mocking his adopted grandson. And as usual, he kept it classy:!/brianstelter/status/419834637540524032 However, he was careful to stress the importance of leaving politicians’ children out of the mud:!/FoxNewsSunday/status/419834025709015041 We hope MSNBC was paying especially […]


ISIS movie trailer includes footage of White House [pics, video]

, , , , , , , ,!/intelwire/status/512040171425243136 A trailer for an alleged upcoming video release is being circulated by ISIS supporters. The video is called “Flames of War” and includes—not surprisingly—a lot of flames and war footage. It also includes some night time video of the White House. IS trailer for video on its anticipated war with US, includes shaky handheld […]


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