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‘Dying laughing’: Russian wrestlers mock ‘girly man’ Obama’s workout

, ,!/dennisthecynic/status/476162357215780864!/UsamanJason/status/476169585784553473 Yep.!/LanaWWE/status/476155024025071616 She did speak and took advantage of Obama’s leaked workout video to poke fun at America. According to Wrestling News She did the usual promo before introducing Rusev. She called Obama a sissy and a girly man. They played a video of Obama working out. She said that Putin will crush […]


#GiveAmericansAChance: Tony Katz shreds Obama over plea to ‘give peace a chance’ with Iran

, ,!/tonykatz/status/423111238466285569 Um, yes. Yes he did. Just yesterday, in fact, during a joint press conference with the president of Spain:!/CalebHowe/status/422947377167605760 It sounds even stupider when you hear him actually say it (via The Right Scoop): Conservative radio host Tony Katz couldn’t believe his ears, either:!/tonykatz/status/423111687844012032 And he took President Peacenik to the woodshed […]


Jason Alexander wants to ‘discuss’ what guns you can own [video]

, , , ,!/IJasonAlexander/status/504707993766612992 The “Seinfeld” actor is referring to an interview he had earlier this year with Larry King where he talked about gun control and campaigning for Barack Obama. Alexander told King: “What I’m advocating is a realistic conversation about what weapons should be in the hands of non-military or non-police people” He pooh-poohed the idea that […]


‘File under butthurt’: Brazile says Bergdahl criticism is just GOP PR

, , ,!/donnabrazile/status/475704720280285184 It’s all about Obama. Never before has any president been the victim of such irrational hatred. Blah blah.!/chuck_dizzle/status/475710353188208640 If you want to understand how left wing operatives work, you can learn a lot from observing what accusations they make against the right. The Alinsky tactics employed by the left involve making opponents “look bad” whenever possible (even […]


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