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There’s Such A Thing As Indoor Skydiving And It’s Just As Awesome As It Sounds

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I consider myself pretty adventurous… I’ve gone bungee jumping, scuba diving, and whitewater rafting. And while I’d love to say I’ll soon add skydiving to that list, I can’t really see it happening. And a lot of people would agree with me… Because jumping out of a plane is scary. But for the Mad Ravens, […]


Can Paper Cut Wood? Man Finds Out By Using Paper On A Circular Saw

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As a kid, I always thought paper was the wimpiest player in rock, paper, scissors. It’s easy to imagine a heavy rock crushing a pair of scissors and it’s a well-established fact that scissors can, in fact, cut paper. But I’ve always wondered how paper could win just by covering a rock. googletag.cmd.push(function() { googletag.display(‘VN_PG_DCBP_ATF’); […]


We’ve Seen Body Painting Before, But Never Anything As Incredible As This

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googletag.cmd.push(function() { googletag.display(‘VN_PG_DTBT_ATF’); }); My painting skills are basically at the kindergarten level — and that’s being generous. That is why I am completely blown away by what Italian artist Johannes Stötter is able to do with paint. When you first look at his creations, you’ll see gorgeous animals, which is already impressive. But when […]


This Kid Just Started Walking Off The Field, But He Was Pulling The Best Trick Play Ever

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In an amazing display of brawn and brain, the quarterback of this peewee football team just pulled off an incredible trick play. Instead of running a normal play, he caught the snap and fooled everyone. The payoff? Peewee poetry in motion. Just when you think he’s quitting football forever and walking off the field, he […]


The Tricks This Dog Can Do Will Leave Your Jaw On The Ground

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We’ve all seen the traditional agility training, usually reserved for collies or shepherds. The canine competitions are set up in big arenas with stadium seating, where spectators can politely watch from the sidelines. Shiny awards are given to the fastest, most accurate pups, and they get their picture taken with their well-groomed coats and brand-new […]


When You See This Video, You’ll Have A Whole New Appreciation For Crowd Control

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Twice a year at Comiket, the world’s largest fair for self-published comic artists and writers, over a half a million attendees show up to get in on the action. For that reason, security personnel spend hours carrying out crowd control strategies. In 2011, the managers of the event took out a camera to document what […]


This Is The Most Unnecessarily Awesome Corkscrew You’ll Ever See — So Cool!

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What happens when you bolt together nearly a ton of scrap metal, a dozen cogs of various sizes, several chains, a bunch of springs, a couple of cannonballs, and a bell? Well, you get a contraption resembling something right out of Dr. Frankenstein’s laboratory…a machine with one purpose — to solve a problem that didn’t […]


This Anti-Gravity Phone Case Could Change The Way We Do Just About Everything

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Greetings, everyone who wants to punch people who use selfie sticks square in the face. Good news. Mega Tiny Corporation created a phone case that could stop the unholy heathens who love selfie sticks in their tracks. If you have an iPhone, love using said iPhone for way more than texting, and think that making […]


This Is What Everyday Objects Look Like When They Melt Under A Macro Lens

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As any kid with a magnifying glass or a box of matches knows, there’s something inherently fun and soothing about melting random plastic objects. Apparently, that satisfaction of watching something melt doesn’t go away just because you grow up either. Allow us to introduce you to your newest obsession: household items melting while being filmed […]


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