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A Police Officer Used His Body As A Human Shield In Order To Protect A Child

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A video recently surfaced that shows a cop in Belarus making an amazing sacrifice to save a kid’s life. The video was recorded on another driver’s dash cam, and what transpires in the footage below is really alarming. The officer pulled the pedestrian behind him and sacrificed his own safety to ensure that the teen […]


Imagine Seeing THIS While You’re Out For A Walk. Even Crazier? What He’s Doing There.

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Officer Joel Zwicky of the Green Bay Police Department is clearly the world’s coolest cop. While most police officers patrol their neighborhoods in squad cars, on bikes or even on horseback, Wisconsin cop Zwicky decided to take patrolling to a whole new awesome level. By mixing his love of skateboarding with his job, Joel became […]


This Pup Wanted To Be With His Hero Forever After Being Rescued From A Dire Situation

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One of the best parts about dog rescues is seeing how grateful they are to their saviors. I can only imagine how terrifying it is to be trapped or dying without knowing if help will ever come. When help does come for these pups, the relief must be completely overwhelming. Some critters are so thankful, […]


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