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10 Reasons Why The Giant Spider Crab Is The Crustacean Of Your Nightmares.

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As land dwelling mammals, we humans know that the oceans are deep, dark, and full of terrifying creatures. One of the most frightening creatures around is the Giant Spider Crab, also known as the Japanese Spider. While these bad boys aren’t are huge and scary as some crabs out there, they are still pretty darn creepy. Here […]


This Giant Crab Is One Creature That You Definitely Don’t Want To Mess With

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The problem with eating crabs is that for all the work that goes into the process, there isn’t much of a payoff. Unless you’re feasting on a 29-pound Tasmanian giant crab, that is. These colossal crustaceans can be found anywhere from 66 to 2,690 feet below the surface off the coast of Australia, and they […]


In The Battle Of Ants Versus Crab, There Is An Unlikely Winner

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QUICK: Who do you think would win in a battle between ants and a large crab? Would it help if I said they were army ants? Yeah, that’s what I thought. Despite the size advantage the crab has over the tiny insects, the creature is still easily overwhelmed by the sheer number of ants. And […]


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