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This Robot Baby May Look Like A Cyborg, But Its Movements Are Creepily Realistic

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Clint Eastwood’s American Sniper got some flack for using a hilariously fake baby doll in a pivotal scene. Maybe the Hollywood legend’s production team could have used some help from Millennium FX. This group, among other things, specializes in creating animatronic babies with creepily realistic movements. I almost want to console these mechanized little monsters! […]


This Guy’s Photos Of An Abandoned Doll Factory Will Fuel All Of Your Nightmares

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Porcelain dolls are already unsettling on their own, so could you imagine how creepy it would be inside an abandoned factory that used to make them? Urban explorer and photographer Nacho Labrador from Territorio Abandonado doesn’t have to, because he knows exactly what these buildings hold. After finding one such place, he decided to explore […]


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