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Try As She Might, This Woman Just Can’t Park Her Tiny Car In This Huge Spot…

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googletag.cmd.push(function() { googletag.display(‘VN_PG_DTAT_ATF’); }); I’ve seen some pretty terrible parking jobs in my lifetime. I’ve also unfortunately been the source of a few… But never, EVER have I witnessed as big of a parking fail as the woman’s attempt in the video below. There are so many things working in her favor — the small […]


A Man Found A Fried Chicken Head In A Fast Food Meal In France

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A man’s lunch in Saint-Jean-de-Védas, France, was rudely interrupted by something horrifying. He ordered a basket of fried chicken wings from Quick, a local fast food chain, and found something awful hiding inside. Mounir Bessaïh discovered there was a full chicken head in his meal. This is the opposite of appetizing. Oh, merde. YouTube The […]


Most People Think Cheerleaders Are Perfect People. Wait Until You See This.

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We learn in high school that cheerleaders are delicate and graceful creatures. This idea seems to last a lifetime for most people… until you see this list of 25 hilarious cheerleader fails and awkward faces. #12 will have you laughing out loud.   1.) One last look at the camera before you fall. Ebaum’s World. 2) I […]


This Family Played The Funniest Thanksgiving Prank On Their Gullible Daughter

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Prepping for Thanksgiving dinner is a family affair, but that doesn’t mean you can’t stop in between the hustle and bustle to have a bit of fun along the way. When this comedic family began filming their daughter removing stuffing from their freshly cooked bird, the unsuspecting young woman didn’t think much of it. Perhaps […]


15 Times Live News Broadcasts Turned Into Total Disasters

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You really have to hand it to news anchors and reporters. Every single day, they go out there and brave the elements on live television for our viewing pleasure, and every single day, they do it with the knowledge that things could go south in a matter of seconds. Over the course of any given […]


Think You’re Having A Bad Day? Think Again. These People Are Having A Worse One!

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When I’m having a really bad day, one where absolutely everything goes wrong, there’s not much that can make me feel better. It’s always important to remember, though, that someone out there has definitely got it worse than I do because I’m fed, clothed, and safe. But it’s also important to know that some people […]


This Guy Doesn’t Know How To Wash His Car…Or Use The Brakes, For That Matter

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Everyone seems to be in a hurry nowadays. Whether you’re rushing to work, racing to your next appointment, or picking up your kids from their Kundalini yoga class, life never slows down. While the hustle is appreciated in our culture, it sometimes gets way out of hand. Take this guy, for example. He took the […]


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