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The Clothes She’s Wearing Are Special. When You Realize Why, Your Heart Will Melt.

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Many of us take simple things in our lives for granted… Walking around, brushing our teeth, putting our clothes on in the morning. It’s things like these that some people aren’t able to do on their own. Whether they have a genetic disease, a mental disorder, or a physical handicap, it can be a constant […]


Watching How People Used To Make Makeup Is Actually Pretty Interesting

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These days when we need makeup, we just slip into Target (or Sephora, if we’re lucky) to pick up what we need. For our mothers and grandmothers, however, buying a simple compact of face powder was quite the endeavor. Unlike most makeup today, face powder in 1958 was mixed by hand. As you’ll see, bright […]


Science And Art Blend Together Perfectly With These Blinged Out Bugs. Cool, But Gross.

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Alright folks, it’s time for a quick biology lesson: caddisflies are a common water-dwelling insect with similarities to the moth and butterfly. Likewise, the caddisfly will create cocoons while in their larvae stage in order to protect their soft, growing bodies. They typically use whatever is lying around them in the water to build their shelter with, […]


What She Does With An Old T-Shirt Is Beautifully Unexpected

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If you’re like me, when it comes time to retire an old t-shirt from your daily wardrobe, it often gets put into your nighttime attire rotation. But instead of destining that awesome shirt to solely after-hours use, you may want to check out this tutorial. It gives your shirt a whole new life. I’ll be […]


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