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Momma Fox Watched Closely As Her Baby Was Rescued From A Drainpipe…

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A three-week-old fox cub has been reunited with his mother following a dramatic rescue! He was pulled out of a drainpipe in the middle of an English residential neighborhood, all while momma fox kept a watchful eye on the kindhearted rescuers. The cub was soaking wet and dirty, so rescuers wrapped him up in a […]


He Found Two Holes Coming Into His Backyard. Then He Turned Around And… LOL!

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A Reddit user recently woke up to find evidence of some strange visitors in their backyard: a couple of fantastic foxes that dug their way in overnight. And the nocturnal trespassers took advantage of the slumbering homeowners to have some fun on the trampoline before the sunrise. First the owners discovered two holes dug under their fence… Imgur […]


This Hilarious Fox Does The Weirdest Thing When Its Dog Friend Has To Go Inside

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Friends come in all shapes and sizes, which is something that this dog knows from experience. While playing in the yard one day, the adorable pup was approached by a new friend. Unsure of the situation, he looked to his human for guidance, but it quickly became clear that all this little fox wanted to […]


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