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‘Smart take’! MSNBC resident wit Touré: Putin should be GOP’s 2016 nominee [video]

, ,!/jwtimekeep/status/454710221144072192 And when it comes to idiocy, Touré is in a class by himself. Here’s what our favorite 9/11 truther was up to this afternoon:!/Toure/status/454709325983129600 It’s even better when you see it on video: A national treasure, this guy.!/Hawkstrat/status/454710051974832128!/BethanyBowra/status/454710343038926848 Nah. On MSNBC, this is news.!/conkc2/status/454711722142466048!/Tark31/status/454712634600742912 Don’t ever change, Touré.!/Sean_for_3/status/454711638588145664 […]


Miami NBC affiliate’s graphic refers to state GOP as ‘Reprehensive’ Party

, , , , , , ,!/bccohan/status/429323455922581504 During a story about the Florida gubernatorial race, an NBC affiliate in Miami aired a graphic that described the Florida GOP as the “Reprehensive” Party. Lean Forward! RT @lachlan: NBC affiliate calls the Florida GOP the "Reprehensive Party of Florida”— johnny dollar (@johnnydollar01) January 31, 2014!/sistertoldjah/status/429368396472283136 Here’s video of the news segment. […]


Ingraham: Will GOP homer or strikeout on Obama’s amnesty ‘slow pitch’

, , , , ,!/princessjill7/status/508285409646755842 The White House has said that President Obama will delay taking any executive action on immigration until after the November elections. Laura Ingraham wonders how the Republicans will play it:!/IngrahamAngle/status/508284927067316224 Will the Republicans take advantage of Obama saying he’s going to delay an action the White House obviously believes will be politically unpopular […]


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