Kerasmata Live

Watch These Girls Totally Rock Out On Their Ukuleles!

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In the music world, the ukulele is a member of the lute family, and it’s a staple of Hawaiian cultural music. The instrument was introduced to Hawaiians by Portuguese explorers, and they immediately took a liking to it. These talented musicians show off the beauty of ukulele music in all its awesome glory. That’s definitely […]


The Mating Song Of The Last Kauai ‘O’o Bird On Earth Is Haunting

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When you hear birds chirping in the springtime, it’s safe to say that they’re calling out to potential mates. Because it’s such an ordinary sound, it probably doesn’t occur to you that it could be the last time that bird’s call is ever heard. While it’s a far-fetched idea, that was the thought going through […]


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