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Watching How People Used To Make Makeup Is Actually Pretty Interesting

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These days when we need makeup, we just slip into Target (or Sephora, if we’re lucky) to pick up what we need. For our mothers and grandmothers, however, buying a simple compact of face powder was quite the endeavor. Unlike most makeup today, face powder in 1958 was mixed by hand. As you’ll see, bright […]


Is This The Most Bizarre Historical Coincidence Of All Time?

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December 5 might just go down as one of history’s most coincidental days ever. On that date in 1664, a ship sank in the Menai Strait, located off the coast of North Wales. 80 passengers died — there was only one survivor, a man named Hugh Williams. That same day in 1785, another shipwreck occurred […]


This Footage Of A Soviet Grocery Store Right Before The Fall Will Make You Hungry

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googletag.cmd.push(function() { googletag.display(‘VN_PG_DTBT_ATF’); }); It’s no secret that life in the Soviet Union was tough. Food shortages and an oppressive regime made for uneasy conditions, to say the least. However, toward the end of the Soviet Union’s reign, there was a slight thawing in relations with the West. That thawing (some might argue) led directly […]


5 Recognizable Things In History That Almost Everyone Gets Completely Wrong

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When we were high school or college students, if we were told a fact or historical anecdote by our teacher, odds are, we believed them. After all, why would they tell us a lie? We never questioned the legitimacy of those “facts.” But apparently, we totally should have. You see, if something is repeated numerous […]


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