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You’ll Run Straight To The Flea Market When You See What He Did With Broken Chairs

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Have you ever watched “Flea Market Flip” on HGTV for hours on end and thought, “You know what? I can do that!” Same. And that bolstered sense of DIY prowess usually sends me on the hunt for something janky at the nearest flea market that I think I can bring back to life with skills […]


What She Does With A Temporary Tattoo Is So Awesomely Unexpected

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In case you haven’t heard, temporary tattoos aren’t just for kids anymore. The metallic, grown-up versions are both beautiful and age-appropriate for adults looking to add a little glam to their look. Then again, if you’re not hitting the club or a hot new restaurant, they might not be for you. So what can you […]


For A Quick, Simple, And Cheap DIY Ornament, Try Glue Gun Snowflakes

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Every year, I look for new and exciting DIY projects to make during the holidays. I love to craft new and festive decorations for my home. The focal point of any wintery house is the Christmas tree. This year, I used blue lights to give off a chilly feel, and I’ve been looking for the […]


I Never Thought To Do This With Frames — So Beautifully Genius

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I’ve always wanted to create a gallery wall…they’re a fun, simple way to make a space look polished and personalized. But inevitably, when I start to attack the project, I stop and realize…I am way too clumsy to make this look as good as the Pinterest photo I saw. So my white walls live another […]


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