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Husky Is Like Little Child With A Straw And Some Chocolate Milk. It’s Bubble Time!

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As a kid, whenever I was given a glass of milk with a straw, I pretty much always did this: There was just something so silly about the act of blowing bubbles to produce a frothy mess. But apparently kids aren’t the only childish ones out there. Meet Maya the husky. When her owner Kent […]


They Left The Fridge Door Open For Just A Few Minutes And Came Back To This

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Being a husky in warmer climates can be tough, so what’s a Florida-born cold-weather pup to do? Luna here has found the best answer to that question. When her owner left the fridge door open for just a moment, she took the opportunity to cool down a bit by jumping right into the fridge and […]


Howling Husky Throws Adorable Temper Tantrum When Told To Get Out Of The Bath

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Normally, dogs sprint for the door when they hear the word “walk,” super excited to go outside for a bit. But not Zeus. He’s much happier when he hears the word “bath.” According to his owner, the stubborn husky loves nothing more than to take baths and play in the water. Often, he even lies […]


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