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These Beautiful Flower Lamps Bloom Whenever Someone Walks By…Truly Genius

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Valero Square in Jerusalem is not in the best state. The buildings are covered in graffiti and the notable facilities are ones like ugly electricity substations. Instead of letting the public space fall into even further disrepair, HQ Architects decided to do something about it. They chose to install an interactive art piece in an […]


Driver Thought He Was Tough With His Bat But Quickly Realized He Was Outgunned

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In Israel, a road rage incident stripped a driver of his dignity…and his baseball bat! Everyone gets a little road rage now and then, but failure to control your emotions on the road can result in dangerous and even life-threatening situations. At worst, most of us say a few swear words and go on about […]


ExJon wonders why Europeans complain so much about Israel

, , ,!/bitmaelstrom/status/493505880831180800 All sorts of Europeans are complaining about Israel while supporting the Hamas terrorists.  ExJon thinks that’s a little odd.!/exjon/status/493478040635457536!/NathanWurtzel/status/493478699963269120!/SageCommander/status/493479391985274881!/PsychicDogTalk/status/493492987205152768!/PsychicDogTalk/status/493493367901126657 Either he has no idea what that word means or least efficient genocide ever.!/michaelledeen/status/493481965602226176 Well said.!/michaelledeen/status/493482589794336768 Well stolen.!/exjon/status/493486255146303490 (hat tip @deepereyes) *** Related ‘Stunningly obvious’: Amanda Carpenter […]


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