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This Baby Girl Can’t Stop Laughing When Her Dad Tries To Get Her To Say ‘Papa’

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This father was walking with his baby daughter one day when he decided to try to get her to say “papa.” She had already gotten the hang of saying “mama,” so he desperately wanted her to branch out a bit. What he got instead was the most adorable reaction ever. As they walked along, the […]


A Little Boy Discovers His Own Eyebrows. And His Response Is Hysterical… LOL.

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Life for babies is full of new discoveries every single day, things we normally wouldn’t even take into consideration. Like this toddler in the video below, he has the most adorable reaction ever upon discovering he can move his eyebrows when looking into a mirror. The way he always laughed in the same way exactly the […]


Baby Drinks Water For The Very First Time And Absolutely Loves It! This Is Too Cute!

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Having a glass of water is such a simple thing. I never realized it could be so mind-blowing to someone. But, then again, everything is a wild new experience for a baby. Watch as this baby tries his very first sip of water. You’re going to LOVE his reaction: (Source: Michael Chepul) His reaction to […]


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