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Watching How People Used To Make Makeup Is Actually Pretty Interesting

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These days when we need makeup, we just slip into Target (or Sephora, if we’re lucky) to pick up what we need. For our mothers and grandmothers, however, buying a simple compact of face powder was quite the endeavor. Unlike most makeup today, face powder in 1958 was mixed by hand. As you’ll see, bright […]


What She Does With A Boring, Old Baking Sheet Is Adorably Inspired

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You don’t have to have a tiny kitchen to know that opening the drawer with all your baking pans and sheets in it is no fun. Either it’s overflowing with far too many tools that you’ll — let’s be honest — never use, or the few ones that are in there have gathered more caked-on […]


She Melted Bubble Gum And Vaseline In The Microwave To Create Something So Fun

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If there’s one thing that Rachel Levin of Rclbeauty101 is known for, it’s turning things that she already has at home into makeup for absolutely no reason. While things like homemade bronzer slime might sound a little weird, there’s something to be said for this makeup guru’s humor and ingenuity. If you want to create […]


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