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Off his rocker: Alan Grayson flirts with Ted Cruz birtherism [video]

, , ,!/zz2aa/status/439427114908270592 Research? Pffft. Alan Grayson doesn’t need research. All he needs to do is trust his gut, and his gut tells him that apocalypse bringer Ted Cruz isn’t a real American:!/AlanGrayson/status/439036599922196480 Because nothing says “I’m serious, you guys” like busting out the birther card. When MSNBC’s Richard Lui asked Grayson for his thoughts on […]


Berners-Lee wows at The Webbys

, , ,!/pattonoswalt/status/468584336480956416 Tim Berners-Lee invented the World Wide Web. Naturally the audience at The Webby Awards in New York City was going to be impressed. Webbys host Patton Oswalt was pretty blown away.!/TheWebbyAwards/status/468580427746508801!/pattonoswalt/status/468579540504424448!/Piemanpie24/status/468580338399068160 Berners-Lee was inducted into the Internet Hall of Fame in 2012. Read more:


Miami NBC affiliate’s graphic refers to state GOP as ‘Reprehensive’ Party

, , , , , , ,!/bccohan/status/429323455922581504 During a story about the Florida gubernatorial race, an NBC affiliate in Miami aired a graphic that described the Florida GOP as the “Reprehensive” Party. Lean Forward! RT @lachlan: NBC affiliate calls the Florida GOP the "Reprehensive Party of Florida”— johnny dollar (@johnnydollar01) January 31, 2014!/sistertoldjah/status/429368396472283136 Here’s video of the news segment. […]


Did ‘Catfish’ reveal the freaky dangers of using an Obamaphone? [video]

, , , ,!/starcasm/status/466769842859945985 “Obama phone” and “Antwane” trended on Twitter this week as MTV aired “Antwane and Tony,” an episode of the reality show “Catfish.”!/KiannaLekael/status/466762507512999937 Here’s the deal: The tale of “Antwane and Tony” started three years ago when they met on an old-school telephone chat line. Their relationship took place via phone calls and Antwane said he had never even […]


This Campaign Commercial Shows That Deep Down, We’re Not All That Different

, , , , , , , , , , , ,

Well, today’s the day. According to early exit polls, 85 percent of voters “just want it to be over.” Who can blame them? This election season hasn’t exactly been fun for anyone. The media says that Americans are more divided than ever. In the last few months of debates and campaigning, that has seemed to […]


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