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This Little Girl Never Saw Or Heard Her Mother Until This Amazing Moment

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At 2 years old, Nicolly Pereira never saw nor heard her mother. This toddler from Brazil was both deaf and blind. She was diagnosed with pediatric glaucoma after birth. The glaucomas in her eyes were so bad, she couldn’t even see light. Her mother was desperate to help her little girl. Nicolly received seven different […]


How They Keep A Heart Alive During A Transplant Is Pretty Freaky

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Medical science is a wonderful thing, but it’s unfortunately not something that most of us take time to really reflect on. When we do, though, it’s almost impossible to not take a step back and gasp in awe of what we’re capable of accomplishing with modern medicine. For example, I bet you’ve never given much […]


A Mini Horse Lived In The Worst Conditions…Until These Angels Saved His Life

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Neglect doesn’t just happen to poor kittens and puppies. A mini horse named Sebastian is proof of that… When PETA field workers found him, the three-foot-tall miniature pony was living in a muddy, isolated stall without food, water, or shelter. He suffered from an eye infection, a blunt force trauma to the head, and an […]


They Were Waiting For Their Flight When An Airline Presented Them With A Miracle

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Airline travel has become quite the hassle. Getting everyone to the airport on time, going through the grueling security line, and making it to the gate before boarding can feel like a superhuman feat. But it gets especially ridiculous around the holidays, when wait times swell and delays seem inevitable. That’s why WestJet wanted to […]


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