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This New Museum In Tokyo Looks Like A Sick Joke, But Kids LOVE It. You’re Not Gonna Believe It.

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Not everyone is the “museum type,” and that’s okay. There are people in this world who enjoy art galleries and museums… others like outdoor sports and adventure. (It really takes all sorts.) But it is difficult to understand why anyone would like this new museum in Tokyo. It’s called “Toilet!? Human Waste & Earth’s Future” … and […]


In 1957, A Researcher Was Bitten By A Venomous Snake…And Documented His Death

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In 1957, Karl P. Schmidt, a snake expert and herpetologist, was working at the Field Museum of Natural History in Chicago, IL. On September 25, he was researching a 30-inch venomous snake that was brought to the museum; his goal was to identify the new snake. He believed the creature to be an African venomous […]


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