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This Guy’s Magic Tricks Just Keep Getting Crazier…Holy Crap

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David Blaine’s magic is so good, it’s a little unsettling. He’s been frozen in a block of ice, buried alive, and has somehow managed to escape from impossible situations, all without explanation. Recently, Blaine stopped by “The Tonight Show” to share some magic tricks with Jimmy Fallon and The Roots. At first, it appears that […]


The Worst Kind Of Transformation In Nature Is The One That Turns A Maggot Into A Fly

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Now that summer’s back, we get to enjoy sun, sand, and backyard barbecues. Unfortunately, that means the flies have come back out to play, too. Seeing them hovering over our food and hanging out on windowsills is bad enough, but what this person just recorded makes them look even more disgusting. Watch what happens when […]


If You Find This In Your Rental Car, You Should Immediately Demand A Refund

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When you rent a car, you just accept the risk that something really gross probably happened in that vehicle at some point before it found its way to you. Sort of like thinking about what goes down in hotel rooms for too long is unsettling, dedicating too much thought to what’s happened in a car […]


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