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This Rottweiler’s Reaction To Getting A Bath Is Unusual… But The Cutest Ever.

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Some dogs absolutely detest the idea of being clean and have to be dragged to the bathtub by their owners. Dog owner Ursula Liv has the complete opposite problem. Her Rottweiler Lena, loves soaking it up in the shower, basking in the glory that is warm water. As soon as her owner stepped out of the […]


She Was Cuddling With A Massive Dog — He Was About To Snap — But No One Cared

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Having a dog in your life can truly be a great thing. If treated well, they love us unconditionally. But what if the dog sleeping in your house, just feet from your children, was dangerous…what would you do? That’s the question being posed on the Internet after a video surfaced of a little girl hugging […]


An Adorable Puppy Just Won’t Stop Grooming His Kitty Friend. He Loves Him TOO MUCH.

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For this adorable rottweiler, if there was a fire and he had to race back into the house to grab one thing…it’d be his best friend — the cat! Because there’s simply nothing he loves more in the entire world. While that doesn’t sound believable (don’t dogs hate cats?), we have video proof that these […]


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