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When He Finds His House Is A Mess, It’s Preetttyy Obvious Who The Culprit Is

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Sometimes, we find little messes around our homes and can’t quite remember how they got there. Was it you; was it the kids; maybe the dog got into something? Then there are the times when it couldn’t be more obvious who’s to blame… “Wasn’t me!” Rumble / AFV While this little guy wasn’t necessarily outed […]


They Left The Fridge Door Open For Just A Few Minutes And Came Back To This

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Being a husky in warmer climates can be tough, so what’s a Florida-born cold-weather pup to do? Luna here has found the best answer to that question. When her owner left the fridge door open for just a moment, she took the opportunity to cool down a bit by jumping right into the fridge and […]


Playful Pup Climbs Ladder So She Can Play On The Slide, Too

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A dog can be a kid’s best friend, going everywhere and doing anything to play together. There are usually limits on where dogs can go, though. For instance, most pups aren’t equipped to tackle the playground jungle gym, but at a park in Mexico, one dog proved she could do it all! Both her delighted […]


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