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Disco The Parakeet Was A Little Bored, So He Basically Said Every Phrase He Knew

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The common parakeet, or budgie, has an incredible ability to mimic human language. From the loving things we say to each other to the swear-filled tirades that should never be repeated, they can retain an awful lot. Yet for all their talking, we never really knew just how vast their vocabularies could be until we […]


A Boy With Autism Tried To Sing At A Talent Show But Froze Up…Then This Happened

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Jagger Lavely is a happy-go-lucky 13-year-old boy. He also happens to suffer from autism. During Oak Middle School’s talent show, Lavely decided that he wanted to perform one of his favorite songs. After the first verse of Frozen‘s “Let It Go,” the teen began to get nervous and forgot some of the words to the […]


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