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Off his rocker: Alan Grayson flirts with Ted Cruz birtherism [video]

, , ,!/zz2aa/status/439427114908270592 Research? Pffft. Alan Grayson doesn’t need research. All he needs to do is trust his gut, and his gut tells him that apocalypse bringer Ted Cruz isn’t a real American:!/AlanGrayson/status/439036599922196480 Because nothing says “I’m serious, you guys” like busting out the birther card. When MSNBC’s Richard Lui asked Grayson for his thoughts on […]


Thomas Sowell on Sen. Ted Cruz: ‘You don’t fight every battle’

, ,!/seanhannity/status/438152492602232832!/bfinstock/status/438156544442515456 Well, there certainly was a difference of opinion following Thomas Sowell’s appearance on “Hannity” Monday night. No, it’s not worth killing each other over, but it does point out a dramatic rift in the Republican Party. As Sowell wrote in an op-ed Sunday: The Republican establishment’s criticisms of Sen. Cruz are criticisms of […]


Ha! Sen. Cruz’s birthday message to Sarah Palin zings PolitiFact hacks [video]

, , , ,!/brendakenesonwe/status/433265211454148608 Sarah Palin turned 50 today, and Sen. Cruz decided to mark the occasion with a special video message. But if you’re gonna wish someone a happy birthday, you’d better make sure you do it right! That’s why Sen. Cruz turned to the experts:!/tedcruz/status/433263699424731136 Hee! Nicely done, Senator. And happy birthday, Governor Palin. Here’s to […]


Rep. Alan Grayson (D-Crazytown): Ted Cruz is trying ‘to hasten the apocalypse’ [video]

, , ,!/CSessee/status/436983783519031296 Oh yes! What on earth would we do without Alan Grayson around to keep us firmly grounded in truth and reality? Check out this recent revelation:!/AlanGrayson/status/436976815375384576 Here’s the money quote again, just for emphasis: “Ted Cruz represents the element of the Republican Party that’s trying to hasten the apocalypse.” He actually said that […]


‘Running for president?’ New Ted Cruz video turns the awesomeness dial up to eleven

, ,!/SpotRanch/status/449529929257189376 You’re probably pretty fed up with the whole “Yes We Can” thing, right? Well, that’s because you haven’t heard Sen. Ted Cruz’s take on it:!/michellemalkin/status/449579974714867713 This is good stuff, guys:!/leiniemom/status/449547597498175488!/charliespiering/status/449555731189366784!/adartproducer/status/449512419425935360 “Pit-a-patting” … and speculating:!/LibertyisLife/status/449572926153838592 Several people seem to think so:!/522tim/status/449569656898994176!/MelissaTweets/status/449567739607126016 2016 is still a ways away. Guess […]


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