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If You Spill Greasy, Nasty Food On The Carpet, There Is A Simple Solution

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Don’t let a nasty pizza stain on the carpet haunt you forever. Greasy food can leave some pretty weird marks on the carpet if you don’t clean up properly. Thankfully, the key to cleaning up a mess can be as simple as using one thing you’ll find in your kitchen: baking soda. There are a […]


In Case You Didn’t Know, Your Mattress Becomes Gross Fast…Here’s How To Clean It

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Let’s look at the facts… The average human spends about eight hours a day in bed — that’s nearly 3,000 hours per year. During that time, we shed pounds of dead skin. Oh, and every single night, we sweat about a half pint. Now for an important question: how often do you clean your bed? […]


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