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You’ll Run Straight To The Flea Market When You See What He Did With Broken Chairs

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Have you ever watched “Flea Market Flip” on HGTV for hours on end and thought, “You know what? I can do that!” Same. And that bolstered sense of DIY prowess usually sends me on the hunt for something janky at the nearest flea market that I think I can bring back to life with skills […]


Watching How People Used To Make Makeup Is Actually Pretty Interesting

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These days when we need makeup, we just slip into Target (or Sephora, if we’re lucky) to pick up what we need. For our mothers and grandmothers, however, buying a simple compact of face powder was quite the endeavor. Unlike most makeup today, face powder in 1958 was mixed by hand. As you’ll see, bright […]


He Smeared Wood Glue All Over A Record…The Reason Is Genius Though!

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They call songs oldies but goodies for a reason — they’re classics and will probably never go out of style. But what happens when your vintage records with priceless tunes on them start to show their age? You could bite the bullet and buy digitized versions of your favorite songs…but there’s something off about that. […]


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