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This Is How To Defog Your Windows In Record Time, According To Science

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Driving in the winter is incredibly difficult. The roads are sometimes icy and snowy, your heater doesn’t churn out hot air as fast as you’d like, and of course, you windows get foggy making it hard to see. Well if you don’t want to deal with that last one, here’s the quickest way to get […]


He Put A Bag Of Ice On His Thermostat For A Smart Winter Hack You Need To Try

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If you’re starting to feel like this because it’s winter… Or maybe like this… I really don’t blame you. The cold weather, dry air, and all-around dreariness that only having a few hours of sunlight brings can get even the most chipper of us down. That’s why these winter life hacks exist! It’s time to […]


Before Winter Strikes, You’ll Need To Know This Hack To Warm Your Car Up Faster

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Perhaps the worst part of getting ready for work in the winter is waiting for your car to warm up. Shoveling a foot of snow is nothing compared to having to impatiently wait for your car to get nice and toasty and your windshield to defog during the winter months. And if you’re like me, […]


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