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WTF? Writer says skip the movie ‘Fury’ — unless ‘you’re a fascist’

, , , ,!/jtLOL/status/520624841582342144 Writer Noah Gittell is not impressed with the new Brad Pitt movie, “Fury,” about a U.S Army tank crew fighting in Germany during the closing weeks of WWII: FURY is the most sadistic, jingoistic, and militaristic movie I've seen in a long time. Tarantino-levels of violence with none of the wit. — Noah Gittell (@ReelChanger) October […]


Why This Guy Felt The Need To Run In Front Of A Train Is Really Anyone’s Guess

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We’ve probably all thought about driving in front of a train when we’re running late and don’t want to get stuck waiting behind the barriers. But because most of us are sane human beings, we don’t because we would like to avoid death by train. Other people, however, don’t seem to care as much about […]


This Guy Decided To Drive His Boat Directly Into A Waterspout, And He’s Insane

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Waterspouts are an interesting meteorological phenomenon. They’re essentially small-scale tornadoes that form over the ocean. They get their name by sucking up water and creating spout-like formations. While they’re nowhere near as dangerous or destructive as standard tornadoes, it’s still a good idea to steer clear of them. What you absolutely should not do is […]


This Art Is… Awesomely Strange. It May Just Give You Nightmares.

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Let’s face it. Creative people can be real weirdos sometimes (and that’s what makes them so awesome). Typically, I try not to question other people’s creativity, but it’s impossible to look at these pictures and not say “Why?” Perhaps that’s the point of the “chinface,” which is exactly what it sounds like. This is the kind of art that […]


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