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Woman Who Lied About Being Pregnant Stabbed Teen To Death And Stole Her Fetus

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Brazilian police were shocked when Mirian Siqueira turned herself in to police after a failed manhunt. Siqueira, pictured below, faked her pregnancy for months, but what she did to maintain her story is so heartbreaking.

After luring 15-year-old pregnant teen Valissia Fernandes de Jesus to her home by offering to show her baby clothes, Siqueira stabbed the girl and attempted to cut out her fetus. Both de Jesus and the fetus died.

Siqueira’s husband found the dead teenager’s body in a barrel in their backyard and the fetus in their bathtub.

She told her husband before fleeing that she had stabbed the girl and claimed the deceased fetus was her own. This led to the manhunt that failed to locate Siqueira, but it wasn’t long before she appeared at the police station of her own volition.

After turning herself in, she confessed to the heinous crime.

After Sequeira’s surrender, a riot of people seeking revenge broke out in the streets. Police had to fight them off, as seen in the video below.

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This kind of tragedy is all too common. With a clear motive and confession, we can only hope that justice will be served.

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